Welcome! I’m Heather ( AKA: Paige) Moody (AKA: Southern Mortgage Mom). A Little About me: I was born and raised in a small town in Eunice, Louisiana where I started my first mortgage company in 2005 at the age of 21 years old. Since 2005 I’ve grown to know everything when it comes to the industry, from owning a mortgage company, processing loans, mortgage underwriting rules, to now managing an amazing team.

My offices are located in different parts of Louisiana. We have one in the SWLA area in the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana. My other 2 offices are in the Acadiana area, one Opelousas and the other in Lafayette.

Why I’m in the Mortgage Business:

  My family has a history of Banking and real estate . I could see at an early age how satisfying the real estate profession was for them, so I started off as a Real Estate agent and quickly realized that the mortgage side was my passion.

I am a mother of 4 very active kids that have been/ are being raised in the Real Estate /mortgage world. I have always said that their first baby blanket was a file folder.

  I love to be able to teach that going the extra mile for others is such a blessing to us as well as the other person. Most importantly that no matter what the obstacle is that we must work hard and give it our all in all that we do. Our family lives at a field or a gym for most of the year. Between baseball, cheer, volleyball, football and anything they can possibly sing up for, I have developed little-known disease called Bleacher Butt.

  When I am not working ( or should I say.. not behind my desk) or attending an event for one of the kids . I really enjoy bible studies , reading and listening to podcast. 

As the Southern Mortgage Mom, I help homebuyers and Real Estate Agents make the Mortgage buying process as stress free as possible. I have been called the miracle worker by clients and agents( on occasion) because I have saved some mortgage loans that others have denied . It has nothing to do with miracles , but all to do with knowing how to get a loan approved.

  If I am lucky enough that you chose me or my team as your go to lender, I promise that I will be fair, I will be honest and you will feel like family when you sign the final papers and I will keep in touch (till you tell me not to) long after the mortgage loan is closed. Looking forward to working with you when it comes time to buy a home or refinance your current mortgage.

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